Anomalous discord server

Anomalous discord server

We are a gaming and LFG community based off Grand Theft Auto V with the main focus of creating and maintaining a healthy community where players can come together to regularly play, chat and hang out. While our Discord originally had its focus on heists, we decided it would be better for us to incorporate more than just heists and move on to be about the entirety of GTA Online instead. Thanks to the support of our partners and our members, we were able to grow almost exponentially within months.

How the future looks, we genuinely cannot tell, but we certainly do plan on improving and providing you the best possible experience. We hope that we can do that with you by our side. Wanting help with a mission, information about something or just a good talk You can come and join our game related servers and chat about your favorite game with everybody.

anomalous discord server

Content creators, Communities, Businesses, Influencers We're proud to be affiliated with them and have them around. The a place to meet new people, discuss your favorite League Universe games, and form bonds with a gaming-involved community. A community dedicated to providing the most immersive and in depth roleplaying experience possible.

Featuring game news, discussions, content, updates and more. A fully customizable moderation discord server bot with a simple and intuitive web dashboard. A diverse community. Friendly chats. Simply put? Something for Everybody. The community for you. Your browser does not support videos. I suggest you upgrade to a newer version. The only GTA community you'll ever need. Join GTAO.

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Video made by SocialOfficer. Creating professionally made gaming Discord servers. Broughy Broughy is the go-to YouTuber for all of your racing needs! Runeterra The a place to meet new people, discuss your favorite League Universe games, and form bonds with a gaming-involved community. Mafia City Roleplay A community dedicated to providing the most immersive and in depth roleplaying experience possible.

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Something for Everyone A diverse community. Nitro Blob Hub A large emoji network, offering you access to over 12, custom google blobs!Link to the game: SCP rBreach. In this wiki you can find almost all information about the game, and some extras stuff like guides and joke pages. Please do not grief the wiki page and make all edits and pages professionally.

Factions are roles that can be neutral, hostile or friendly towards other factions. Each faction has a different goal. There are multiple beneficial healing items and multiple weapons in rBreach, which we call items. Become a member of the facility's personnel, a task force unit, an invading G.

That means no adding stuff to the white black now?

Shroud and Anomaly Open the Same Knife and then TROLL each other..

You can add context to the paragraph below, though. The game tells the story of a foundation that contains scientifically anomalous objects, entities, ideas, etc. The main goals of the foundation is to contain these anomalies from the public as one that is exposed to the general public can cause mass panic among humanity and cause society to break down.

There are many instances where these anomalies break out, dubbed Containment Breaches the breach of containment of the anomaly normally due to system malfunctions, failure to follow Special Containment Procedures or due to an invading G. One day, there were multiple facility wide containment breaches causing multiple Euclid and Keter the ranking of how hard it is to contain the anomaly the foundation gives to these anomalies to breach containment, and multiple G.

anomalous discord server

Now, the facility's fate lays in your hands. Will the facility fall back into the custody of the foundation, seized by a invading G. I or be in chaos as SCPs escape and take control of the facility? You and about 20 other players decide. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Factions Factions are roles that can be neutral, hostile or friendly towards other factions.

Items There are multiple beneficial healing items and multiple weapons in rBreach, which we call items. Contents [ show ]. Main article: SCP. Main article: Items. The episode they appeared in Blink had been in production for It was a subpar addition and not currently necessary. Categories :. Cancel Save.

Bro I have been looking for that for aleast a year and I even asked the mods but they didnt know ethier. Please do not edit this page to say that came out before the weeping angels. Undo revision by Introduction: After the yearwith the new advancements in military technology, the start of the first special operation forces in multiple nations, increase of more potentially dangerous and complicated anomalies and multiple catastrophic events due to Security Corps inability to completely secure Nova Corporation sites and help out with Nova Corporation external conflicts.

These units would be created out of the best men The Nova Corporation has to offer. They are our last line of defense and our first strike to our enemies, having equipment most armies can only dream of and trainings preparing these brave men for the worst. It was made after the attempted assassination of multiple high ranking Nova Corporation members.

Specialized in guarding and following every order their VIP gives them, are they seen as one of the most efficient bodyguard forces on our planet. Having, since its change to Armed Gentlemen, an extremely low casualty rate. Task Force Detachment "Iron Fist": Created inthis TFD was the main reason for the creation of Task Force Detachments, being also the biggest Task Force detachment armed with heavy weaponry, tanks, Apache attack helicopters, fighter jets and even owning multiple Naval assets.

They are the Nova Corporation's main combat force. Heavily specialized in combat and supporting other Task Force Detachments, working very closely with "The Crazies", they raid any possible hostile facility and counter attack any raid force from a hostile group attacking one of our many sites.

Task Force Detachment "The Crazies": Created inafter multiple anomalies slaughtered Security Corps and Iron Fist members tasked in re-containing them, The Crazies formed, specialized in every type of anomaly, owning the most advanced equipment for Anomalous combat and re-containment.

Due to their higher casualty rate compared to all other Task Force Detachments, they have named themselves "The Crazies". Task Force Detachment "Nothing to see here": Created inafter the necessity of having a special operations unit due to multiple Iron Fist units failing to take down high profiled targets and DoO needing a supporting combative unit, was TFD "Nothing To See Here" created.

Known for having done less than ethical operations, they are called to do the "dirty" work of the Class-X overwatch with the least amount of casualties compared to any other TFD. Being specialized in guerrilla warfare, black ops missions, special ops, reconnaissance and multiple other tasks that require extensive training. This unit is our special forces, the best of the best, Nova's super soldiers.

anomalous discord server

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Something does not work as expected? Find out what you can do. General Wikidot.I want to be clear. I despise the IRC Chatrooms. The old and s look is aesthetically displeasing. The chatrooms are the last place I go to for advice, green-lighting, and overall chatting. I am extremely organized and absolutely supportive of an up-to-date version of the IRC Chatrooms.

This is curated by me and there could be more pros and cons I could add. I operate and moderate a relatively-large Discord Server that serves hundreds of people. If this proposal is accepted, I am willing to put the effort and time into curating a Discord Server for the wiki. I am more than capable of managing, creation, organization, and setting up the server itself.

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This is only if the proposal is accepted. All in all, I really do wish and propose that there is a Discord Server for the wiki. This is just my opinion and idea. How would you moderate disciplinary infractions that happen in voice chat, and address ban evasion at all hours of the day given that we have users joining from timezones all over the world? For the record, there have already been multiple discussions about this. You can follow the history of discussion throughout threads like these, including the staff record:.

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Staff have decided multiple times that we will not ever be having a discord server, for a wide variety of reasons as posted by Zyn. Furthermore, I'm unsure you actually understand what IRC is, given there's no one unified look or format, as that varies by client. Essentially what these people said.

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Staff have decided we do not want a discord server, and if we did, we would have staff members running it. Even if I would love to see an official Discord server, personally, this will not be possible, alas. Several official and unofficial SCP-related Discord servers exist already and with them, you could be able to go here and talk to many authors.

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Here's the list :. Cimmerian the official server about the YT channel of our fellow author Doctor Cimmerian - Reading Room the official Discord of the Wanderers' Library, an official sister site of the Foundation.

I'm aware I'm necroposting here but wow, I had no idea staff would be so inclined to stick with an outdated platform despite how terrible it is. It's almost as if they would rather stick with tradition rather than what would be better for the community.

Discord would be so much better, and the only people I really see that prefer IRC are the staff members when the majority of the user base would just prefer Discord. IRC is reliable, easy to moderate, expedient to log, relatively more secure, and easy to use should you follow the instructions. An "official" discord server would place unnecessary overhead on the staff who actually manage the discussion medium, as well as cut off our existing lines of communication with the chat administrators who run our chosen medium.

First of all, you are necroposting as you acknowledged, and just because you realize you're doing so and think it's justified does not mean you should do it.The Special Containment Procedures Foundation SCPF explained: The SCP Foundation is a secret organization entrusted by governments around the globe to contain and study anomalous individuals, entities, locations, objects, and phenomena operating outside the bounds of natural law referred to as "SCP objects.

If left uncontained, the objects would pose a direct threat to human life and humanity's perceptions of reality and normalcy.

The existence of SCPs is withheld from the public to prevent mass panic and to allow human civilization to function normally. When an SCP is discovered, the SCP Foundation deploys agents either to collect and transport the SCP to a Foundation facility, or to contain it at its location of discovery if transport is not possible. Once SCPs are contained, they are studied by Foundation scientists.

Test subjects acquired by the Foundation referred to as D-class are used to interact with dangerous SCPs due to the danger posed by those SCPs and the expendability of the D-class. These documents describe the SCPs and include instructions for keeping them safely contained. Information for Class-D: You are a Class-D a test subject in a secret government facility that secures, contains and protects entities that violate the laws of nature.

There are many ways to make money to buy items in the shop that make escaping a little easier. SCP Dangerzone. Player history. United States.Ruben explores the concrete jungles of Roblox. All interactions are unscripted with strangers and random viewers. After discovering a mysterious facility buried beneath Robloxia's surface, Ruben sets off on a quest to destroy it by any means necessary. Somewhere deep within The Electric State, a foundation struggles to maintain control over anomalous objects and hostile entities.

Somewhere deep in a secret underground facility, a certain sector remains sealed off to all personnel. Our hero joins a group of disposable test subjects in an secret underground facility.

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Together they accomplish more than they ever could alone. Somewhere deep in a top secret laboratory, a group of Robloxians fight to re-contain loose experiments. Gounther Somewhere in the vast infinity of an anomalous IKEA furniture store, our hero rebuilds civilization with his fellow Robloxians.

Huge thanks to monofur aka TheMrJacob for archiving all of my videos. If you'd like to support my ventures from now on, you can donate by clicking the tip button on the header of my BitChute channel. Ruben Sim Corp. Thanks fellas. First published on May 4th, Click here to watch on Bitchute!

Discord server. Powering Imagination. First published on April 17th, I'm very sorry First published at UTC on April 1st, Private Server: Click here to join a Private Server for the game! The Current State of Roblox Users ft.At Discord, one of our primary concerns is the uptime and reliability of our service. What follows is a transparent and encompassing review of the incident. At on March 20, a server for one of the internal services presence at Discord which tracks real time state and presence information for all connected users, disconnected from its other cluster members.

Once the event queues on these session nodes reached a limit, they ran out of available memory and crashed. After engineers recovered the situation arounda subsequent disconnection on the presence service caused the same incident to occur again at At Discord engineers notice a dramatic degradation in service and immediately began investigation.

Bywhile engineers continue to investigate the issue, members of the sessions cluster began to OOM run out of memory and crash. Around engineers alert our support team to a high-impact incident and the status page is updated to investigating.

At after a period of investigation, engineers work on two code patches to our API servers. Due to an issue in newly deployed configuration code, the process of creating and deploying these patches takes longer than expected. At engineers globally disable sending messages on Discord. By service has mostly recovered, the majority of clients have reconnected, and engineers were able to enable sending of messages. At the status page is updated to say that service has recovered. At the presence server which had been previously acting up yet again experiences a series of CPU soft-locks causing it to disconnect and netsplit.

At engineers yet again notice issues with memory usage on our sessions servers, and the broken state of our presence cluster. The decision is made to ignore the presence cluster for the time being, and work on correcting the state of sessions. For the most part, Discord functions for users at this point. Due to a side effect of the way direct messages work, DMs are able to be sent but are not delivered to recipients at this time. At our status page is updated to reflect the current issues with DM sending.

At engineers attempt to reboot and recover the presence service, however this causes further issues within the sessions cluster, effectively repeating the same issues from the first incident.